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yuletide blessings

I am, admittedly, not the most devout and practicing Pagan, aside from Samhain, which has always been my favorite holy day. But today marks the Winter Solstice, the start of the twelve days of Yule. I’ve always loved a good fire, and in ancient tradition, the Yule fire burned for twelve days. This can be

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shining lights and quiet nights

We’re less than a week out from Christmas, which hardly seems possible.  I think I maybe finally found the knack of not going overboard on spending for my family this year.  I’m a gifter.  I like to give gifts. For a lot of people, this time of year can be difficult.  The days are short.

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summer comes

I’ve always dreamed of getting to watch the sunrise over Stonehenge on the Solstice.  While I’ve seen Stonehenge, it was closer to the Winter Solstice than the summer version. I’ll admit, summer isn’t my favorite season.  The heat and the sun don’t treat my worn out old body kindly.  But I do enjoy the sunsets

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