coffee in a paper cup

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Today began with dropping my favorite coffee mug (well, one of them, in this case the one I keep in the office) on the floor in the office kitchen and smashing it into about five pieces.  Smashing, no?

I shook it off and got some coffee started and set out to dig through my email.  I’ve been down with a stomach bug since Sunday. So, while I worked from home yesterday, I ignored a lot of stuff.

In forty days I leave on vacation.  Two weeks in France and Italy with my good friend from England.  The history and art geeks in me are so excited I can barely function!  I got the city pass I bought for Rome in yesterday’s mail, and I’m just buzzing about it.

Italy has been on my bucket list since before I had a bucket list.

And now that my step-father’s memorial is over, and after this weekend we should have my mother completely moved into her new place, that means I now have time to turn my energy back to writing.  I wrote about a half a chapter this last week, and it felt really good.

I have some major editing to do on Where Shadows Fall before I can get it submitted to my editor, but I also have two other projects on the burners again after a long absence.  With any luck, August can be the month of finishing that trilogy and getting it into the publisher.

For now, I’m reclaiming the day with coffee out of a paper cup, and a new order into Death Wish Coffee for a new favorite coffee mug.



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