downhill slide

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My focus the last week or so has been on my upcoming surgery, which means not much writing gets done.  I still try to take at least fifteen minutes to write every day, even if it is a half a poem or the sketch of a story idea.

Every word is a struggle right now, however.  Nothing is moving easily and I’m second guessing myself left, right and center.  I think some of this is likely due to the absolutely horrific state of my office right now.  My office doubles as the spare bedroom, craft room and storage space, and in recent months I’ve all but emptied the closet while looking for things, without putting stuff back into the closet.

The rest of the house is clean, so this weekend, my focus will be on getting the office in shape so that I can write without the clutter.

I expect that the writing will also flow easier after the surgery is over.  I’m not nervous really, though I’m anxious to get it over with now that the decision is made and all of the precursors have been met.

Between here and there stands four days of work (including today) and a weekend of cleaning and laundry.  It’s all downhill from there!


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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