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Happy Saturday, Readers!  I’ve spent most of this week on the job hunt, and it’s starting to show signs of paying off.  I’ve had three phone interviews with one company and have an in-person interview with a different one on Monday.  I’m hoping I am gainfully employed before the first of June.

In the meantime, I finished the first editing phase of the Anthology for Sirens that I’ve been telling you about, and I’ve had some time to do some writing, though my focus has been definitely scattered, so I’m not sure how much of that writing is any good.

I’m trying to use today to kind of reset everything, get back into the rhythm of my normal life: coffee and writing, some consulting work, chores, and with luck a fair amount of exercise.

It helps me feel like I’m still in control.  Even if I’m not.  And I’ve been feeling very not in control of late.  Partly due to the way my phone is ringing all day long, from 7 am through to 6 pm with recruiters who don’t know how to read a map, or who think it is completely logical to relocate to another state for a 6 month contract job.

I’m trying really hard not to count on either of the positions that I have interviewed/am being interviewed for, but it sure would be nice if one of them came through with an offer next week.

Now I have two kitties who seem to think they need my attention and a cup of coffee that’s getting cold, so I should get on with the day.  Hope your weekend is filled with beauty and kindness.


Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

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