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I am one with the coffee, and the coffee is with me…

There is a certain ritual to the mornings, even now in the middle of this pandemic that has altered the way we live our lives. For me, that ritual includes an alarm at 6am, though I’m often awake well before that, a quick check of email on my phone (so I can be prepared for

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sleep, sweet sleep

You know those mornings when you wake up slowly, snuggled into warm blankets, with cuddly pets on either side and you lay there, not quite awake thinking how nice it would be to just fall back to sleep? But then the alarm goes off and just like that you’re faced with the fact that now

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whatever normal is…

Happy Saturday, Readers!  I’ve spent most of this week on the job hunt, and it’s starting to show signs of paying off.  I’ve had three phone interviews with one company and have an in-person interview with a different one on Monday.  I’m hoping I am gainfully employed before the first of June. In the meantime,

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