I am one with the coffee, and the coffee is with me…


There is a certain ritual to the mornings, even now in the middle of this pandemic that has altered the way we live our lives. For me, that ritual includes an alarm at 6am, though I’m often awake well before that, a quick check of email on my phone (so I can be prepared for any emerging issues…half my team is on the other side of the world), then the requisite bathroom trip before I find my way to the kitchen.

There we have several mini-rituals that include giving my kitties treats, and the prep for coffee…fill the kettle, put it on the stove, rinse out the french press, fill it with hot water…then I move to the personal computer to finish going through the email, both personal and professional, check facebook, maybe post, take the morning meds, and by then it’s time to go back to the kitchen to finish the coffee.

All of this is something I do daily, not just during the week (well, except the alarm part, that’s only weekdays). The coffee part of the day is one of my favorite things. The ritual of measuring out the beans, grinding them, dumping the prep water, putting the grounds in the press, adding water…it provides me a chance to center. I like to make it a mindful practice and not let my thoughts wander into to much of what the day has in store.

I am one with the coffee, and the coffee is with me.

But, once the coffee is made, it’s anyone’s guess where the day will go. Somedays I get some writing time. Some days I play mindless games to wake myself up. Somedays I dive right into work.

Today I have a line up of work projects to jump into, so I best get on that (as I pour myself a cup of Valhalla Java from Death Wish Coffee). I hope your Tuesday is amazing, Readers!

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