hello darkness, my old friend

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I’m in the odd place of knowing I need to do something to address my current malaise and depression, and actually being able to take the next step. That isn’t entirely true. I have taken a step, by talking to my doctor about it.

While that raises my mood a micron, all that does is give me a better vision of the morass of darkness I seem to be tethered to. The way forward is murky at best.

I had to dye my hair yesterday because the green was really faded and my roots really dark, but in doing so I had to bid farewell to the green, at least for now. I’ve been losing a lot of hair in the last few months, and while it isn’t due to damage of the hair, it didn’t seem like the routine of bleach and color was the best plan of action, particularly because I can’t go to my hair stylist yet. So my reflection this morning is a bit startling with a purply-red in place of the green.

I’m not sure what to do with myself this morning. A part of me really wants to write, but my muse is on walkabout, so I’m not sure I can manage to wrangle words without her. Maybe another deep cleaning day will improve my outlook. This office certainly needs a once over (maybe a two or three over).

For now though, on this early Saturday morning, I’m enjoying a nice cup of Death Wish and a cuddle with my kitty. How’s your Saturday, reader?

Cover Photo by Carolina Pimenta on Unsplash

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