migraine madness

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You know, I think I could tolerate this migraine if it was just the headache, but this time the pain brought a bunch of friends to play with it.  Yesterday was awful, filled with sensitivity to light and sound and touch, nausea, fever, chills…just a mess of stuff that made me feel like dying was the better alternative.

Today is marginally better.  I could actually tolerate clothing and I haven’t had to throw up in more than 12 hours.  That said, this is day three of this migraine and I am so over it.

If there was something the doctor could actually do, I’d be making an appointment to be seen, but she’ll just give me more of the meds I’m already taking.  So, I’m here at work with my noise cancelling headphones and a baseball hat pulled low to hide my eyes from the awful fluorescent lighting and the hood up on my long sleeved t-shirt.

Coffee and mints need to see me through this day until I can go home and take the good drugs.

How’s your Wednesday, Readers?

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

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