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villains & vengeance & velocity

I’ve been battling migraines and all of their attendant baggage off and on for about two weeks. Only two days were really bad, but the up and down is exhausting. Today the headache is only mild, but the nausea is yucky and my sinuses are cranky. This is the start of my fourth week in

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migraine madness

You know, I think I could tolerate this migraine if it was just the headache, but this time the pain brought a bunch of friends to play with it.  Yesterday was awful, filled with sensitivity to light and sound and touch, nausea, fever, chills…just a mess of stuff that made me feel like dying was

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the one with a migraine

Yesterday was not a good day.  I was feeling all over aches, bloating, nausea, stiffness in my back….just yuck.  As the day went on, I developed a headache and then, shortly after I had a little dinner, I threw up everything my tiny stomach could possibly hold. I went to bed knowing that I would wake

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