is this really real?

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I saw someone on Facebook say that it feels like we’re living in a simulation and wow, I felt that.  Reality seems so surreal these days where you can never be sure if “news” is actually news or parody, and even the real news is so skewed to reflect whichever side the reporter/news organization is supporting.

We seem to have lost out impartial press.

At the same time, we have a government that seems to be bent of self-destruction, forgetting that if it goes, so goes the country.  I’m not going to venture into a political discussion, don’t worry.  If you’ve read my blog for long, I’m sure you know which way I lean.

I am going to encourage you to never rely on any single source of truth when it comes to understanding the reality we find ourselves living.  Truth has become subjective and the onus is upon us to dig through the interpretations to the underlying truth.

If this is a simulation, it is a sucky one.  Maybe I’ll just go play SIMs and make the world I want to see.

Happy Thursday, Readers.  I hope your sim day is a happy one.

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