the enemy of good

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I am a perfectionist (…somewhat recovered). I hate making mistakes. Even more so when those mistakes are visible to the greater public. This is a reason why my first novel took me so many years to finish, and why every crochet project gets ripped back at least once.

In my day job I often have to balance my desire for perfection with the truth that good + fast is often more important than perfect.

It’s a lesson that’s taken me years to learn, and when I’m working on a huge project (as I am right now) that gets built behind the scenes, it is easy to fall back into the idea that it must all be perfect before I throw it into the public arena.

Fortunately, this current project also plays into my obsession with organizing information, clarifying language and teaching, and it is all going on where most of my company won’t see it until I show it to them. That means I can keep tweaking it and perfecting it as I go along, so long as I meet my deadlines.

But, now, Readers, my coffee cup is empty and I have a meeting to prep for. I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

Photo by Jonathan Hoxmark on Unsplash

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