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I am a creative person. I’m pretty sure anyone who has read much of my blog realizes that. I’ve been thinking lately about that creative drive and how it affects my entire life. I see my life in creative turns…whether it’s cooking a meal or caring for my garden, writing, painting, crochet…it is a huge part of who I am.

I can not go long without craving creativity. I’m currently feeling drawn back to old loves, things I’m not necessarily good at, but love doing: wood working and painting.

At the same time, I have three crochet projects that I’m in the middle of, a trilogy of novels I’m working on, and a short story anthology to edit. I work in a profession that feeds my creative needs as well. If only I had more hours in the day!

I need to spend some of today in the garden, as I have some plants to get into the dirt, and I need to thin out my succulents and transplant a few to new homes. If I am very lucky, I’ll find a little time to make something pretty with yarn or paint or clay.

First up though, is the words. Today I need to finish polishing up a short story and start edits on the stories submitted for the anthology.

I hope today sparks some creativity for you too, Readers! Make something wonderful!

Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash

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