happy new year

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Happy New Year Readers!

As I said in my previous post, I’ve had a friend visiting from England this week, and we’ve been off doing a bit of site seeing.

My friend has been wanting to get to the Winchester Mystery House for the last 13 years, so of course I had to make sure she got there.  We had a really pleasant afternoon there, starting with the regular mansion tour, then taking the new “Explore More” tour, which takes you to a number of rooms that had previously been closed to the public.  Of course, they’ve done some refurbishing since I was last there, and they’ve had a movie shooting in the house this last year, which will be coming out in February.

After that we drove down to Monterey and wandered around the aquarium.  We were scheduled to go whale watching the next day, but were both in enough physical pain to scrub that plan.  Instead, we drove up the coast toward home, pausing here and there to get out and look at the shoreline.  My camera loved it.

We had a quiet new year’s eve, staying home and watching movies.  Instead of going out and partying, we stayed in and planned our shenanigans for next year.  I turn fifty in September this year, and have decided I want to tour Italy!  I am super excited! We will start in Rome and end in Paris where we will spend a few days at Disneyland Paris and visiting the various sites.

We were in bed by 10pm. Party animals we are!

Yesterday, we ventured someplace I’ve wanted to go for a while, the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  The science geek in me LOVED it!  We visited the rain forest and the aquarium, the earthquake zone, the swamp and it’s amazing albino alligator, then there were penguins! All in all, it was an amazing day, even if we were both exhausted when it was over.

Cal Academy of Science -68

We’re now on the wind down of our vacation time.  My friend leaves to go home tomorrow, so today, we are watching favorite episodes of Star Gate and doing laundry so that she doesn’t have to do laundry when she gets home.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to start a new year!  I hope all of you were having a wonderful start to an amazing year to come!

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