and back again…

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My those two weeks of vacation disappeared in a flash! I had an amazing time visiting Rome and Pompeii and Florence and Venice and Paris!  Lots of great food and lots of wonderful vistas.

I got home last week, but was unfortunately sick with a cold I picked up in Paris.  Woke up with it that last full day.  I’m still recovering, but feel a lot better than I did this time last week.

It was nice to get home to my own bed and cuddle with my kitties though.  Now I’m working on finding my way back to my routine.

In other news, that anthology I was editing a while back is now available in ebook format!  Here’s the blurb:

REBELS AND REVENANTS features the dead and trebels and revenantshe undead, ghosts both figurative and literal, Elder Gods and Egyptian queens, and, funny enough, more than a little rebellion. Most of all, these eleven stories have heart, with a strong sense of family threading through them, either the one you’re born to or the one you make.

REBELS AND REVENANTS will teach you that when you find your place, you better stake a claim and stand by it.


The stories are all written by some amazing, kickass female writers in genres from Sci-fi/Fantasy to Horror, and I couldn’t be prouder of them all!  You should grab a copy and let us know what you think.


On that note, I need to get myself back to work.  Lots to do and all that.  Happy Tuesday, Readers!

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