words, words and more words

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I’ve written a lot of words this week, though almost none of them have been on any of my current writing projects.  No, I’ve written exercises for job interviews and I’ve written thank you emails.  I’ve written instructions for Pride training sessions and I’ve written a lot of emails to do with Pride or job hunting.

I’m hoping today I get to focus a little on one of the novels currently in progress, or maybe the short story I started last week.  I have lots of ideas for fleshing out characters that are currently sort of cardboard cut outs waiting to be dressed in backstory.  The book I’m furthest along with needs some work on the culture and religions of the world, and some dressing up in the descriptions of people, places and things.

The short story I started is tentatively titled “The Accidental Assassin” and begins with a young woman killing a man who attacked her.  Ultimately it’s the story of a woman refusing to be a victim and embracing what she is good at, even if that puts her on the outer fringes of society.

So I’m dedicating this weekend to words.  All the words.  Words all over the place.

Hopefully before the weekend is over I’ll have actually accomplished making some of them good.

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