plot holes and other dangers

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I was up early this morning because I forgot to turn off my alarm last night.  I slept hard though, and woke up knowing I had stuff to do.  I’m heading out to my mother’s house today, so I got up and hit the gym first thing.  So first thing that I got there before the doors opened.

I have plans to do some writing tomorrow, but today is all about physical pursuits.  My Daughters of Morru story is coming along, now that I’ve filled in a plot hole that’s been bugging me.

Someone told me recently, when they saw me writing, that it is possible to correct a typo without backspacing the whole word (or however much of the sentence you’ve finished writing)…not sure it’s true.  LOL.  I have to take my hands off the keyboard to just fix a single letter, but backspacing means my hands never leave the keys.

Anyway, my coffee’s getting cold, Readers, and we can’t have that!  I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, whatever you’re up to.

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