a return to “normal”

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Here we are on the other side of Pride month.  My work on the anthology is complete and turned in, I have only a small amount of Pride paperwork to finish, the new job is starting to settle in.

That must mean it’s time to get my “normal” life back, right? For some value of normal anyway.  My current schedule is still a bit all over the place, in part due to the holiday this week and trying to sort out the best way to work my twenty hours at the job while also getting other stuff done.

I’m hoping this will also encourage my muse to return.  She’s been AWOL pretty much since I got laid off.  But, I got a glimmer of plot resolution the other day while I was crocheting and if I finish up my work early enough today, that should mean I could dust off that story file and make some words happen.

Exciting, I know!

For now though, I have a few hours to finish for the week and a project that needs doing, with a stiff deadline, so, I’m off to deal with that.

Hope y’all had a great week, Readers, and that this coming week is fabulous!


Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash


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