in the hot seat

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Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we are expecting a heatwave this weekend. It’s the first of the summer, but it’s expected to be intense. Here in the town where I live, we’re expecting degrees of 108, but it’s been exceeding the expected high temperatures every day this week.

What is making it worse is the humidity. It’s got my arthritic writer’s hands all cranky.

I am sitting under the air conditioning with a fan blowing on me trying to keep cool. It was already over 81 in the living room at 8am. Even my heat-loving kitty is laying under the AC.

It makes it hard to focus on work, but I have lots to do. I seem to have reached the end of my coffee, and the document I’ve been waiting on has rendered, so I guess it’s time to get back to it.

Happy Friday, Readers! Stay safe, stay cool.

Cover Photo by Luis Graterol on Unsplash

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