it’s all on fire

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The state of California is on fire, and not just in the “usual” places. The thunderstorms last week were mostly dry, just thunder and lightning, and the lightning strikes hit the ground all around the Bay area, starting fires that are just burning through real estate.

Beyond the danger of the fires themselves, there’s the added danger of all the smoke in the air. It makes breathing difficult. It makes allergies worse. It makes the air stink.

I had to go out into it yesterday for a doctor’s appointment. I woke up this morning with my sinuses all congested and my head pounding. Going to make today fun.

But, it’s Friday and the last day of the day job for the week. I have a small edit job to do this weekend, and hopefully I’ll get some writing time, just need to keep the house closed up to keep the smoke out.

At least it’s a bit cooler than it was earlier in the week. We hit 106 degrees at one point this week. Today it’s only supposed to go up to 93. My air conditioner and fans are getting a work out!

My coffee cup is empty now and I need to log onto a video conference in a few minutes, so I should get going. Y’all be safe out there! And Happy Friday!

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