gonna have a star war!!

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This has not been the best week for me mentally. Between the bad air quality and the ongoing public health crisis and all of the election hoopla, and the fact that I should have been at Disneyland last weekend, I was feeling pretty down for the better part of the week.

The air is marginally better yesterday and today, and a series of workplace wins has helped me feel a little bit more myself. We’re almost up to September, which is my birthday month, and that’s usually a pick me up.

Add to that some Star Wars related news in that the only video game I play with any regularity, the SIMS 4, is releasing a “Journey to Batuu” game pack in time for my birthday, and we’re planning a Star Wars related photoshoot with my family sometime soon, and that’s got me feeling a little more like me.

I’m hoping that the weather stays nice and the smoke stays away enough to get my house cleaner than it has been this weekend. It’s been hard to do physical work when I can’t breathe for the heat and smoke.

But now I can see that my software update is finished so I should get myself back to work. Stay safe, Readers! And happy almost weekend.

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