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gonna have a star war!!

This has not been the best week for me mentally. Between the bad air quality and the ongoing public health crisis and all of the election hoopla, and the fact that I should have been at Disneyland last weekend, I was feeling pretty down for the better part of the week. The air is marginally

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the road ahead

Yesterday was a momentous day in the land of The Blood Witch as I got across the 40K words mark.  I had hoped to be further along, but well…life. Being a writer who has to hold down a day job and who lives alone, thus is responsible for all of the housework and grocery shopping

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time to make the words

I’m sitting here on Sunday morning, in my nice flannel PJs, sipping on some coffee and working on waking up enough to write.  Today’s writing agenda is to start/finish chapter thirteen, get the plot moving and step up to the next thing on the vague sort of journey in my head. Of course, being a

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