pick a peck of pickled peppers

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There are times when even an introvert agoraphobe needs some human connection, even if that comes in the form of socially distanced socializing. Yesterday I went up to my mother’s house for some of that human connection, and for an exchange of money for a monitor and home baked bread for some peppers harvested from their garden.

We spent some time not touching or hugging, while I crocheted and my mother and brother and I watched some news, talking about the happenings around us and just generally remembering what it is like to have people around.

I should have been in Austin this weekend for our annual shenanigans with Steve Carlson, but it has been pushed out to October due to the plague currently ravaging our country.

But, having gone out to see Mom and David and the nieces, I came home with a new tv/monitor to replace the one I have on my desk that is dying a slow death and I have a bag filled with poblano, dragon and jalapeno peppers that I need to decide what to do with. I’m actually contemplating an attempt at pickling some jalapenos. I know the dragons will kick up my chinese dumplings a fair amount, and I may try my hand at drying some of them because I have more than I can use before they’ll go soft.

Now that I have that new monitor, I’ll be spending time in this office today, clearing the desk, pulling the tower out to clean and make set up easier and getting everything set back up. But first, I’m spending some time writing (I’m currently working on a Sci-fi short story) and drinking some Death Wish Coffee.

I hope you and yours are safe, Readers, and I wish you a pleasant Sunday!

Cover Photo by Nick Artman on Unsplash

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