baking and breaking

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Here we are at Friday again. I have a lot of work to get to today, and I’ve already been up and working for a few hours. My plans for the weekend aren’t concrete, it will depend on whether work comes in on either Job #2 or one of two freelance editing jobs that I am expecting to come in. But, could include the exciting tasks of laundry, cleaning and building a bookshelf.

If no work comes in I may even get time to write and/or research possible literary agents to query.

I will admit that I am really loving working from home. I love the freedom of it. Wake up at 3am and can’t go back to sleep? I can get up and work without having to go anywhere. Can’t be bothered to get dressed? No worries. Need to do laundry in the middle of the week? Go for it. Want to take a break and bake some bread or start some stew in the crock pot? Sure. I made bread this week, and there will be some beef stew later today.

I have days where I work from four in the morning until nine at night barely taking time to go to the bathroom or eat. I have days where I work a few hours, then do things around the house, then come back and work some more.

I have days where I listen to music on Spotify on my TV so it can come through my surround sound system. I have days where I play vinyl on my record player. I have days where I have documentaries on the TV while I work.

Of course, my taste in documentaries is so all over the map that I think I’ve broken the algorithms on Amazon. Their recommendations are getting a bit bizarre.

I should probably get to the next task on my list. I hope y’all have a great weekend, Readers!

Cover Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash.

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