let’s weekend

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Somehow, it’s Friday again. I’m hoping that I get some writing time this weekend and that my muse is willing to play. Recently, when I have the time, I have the time, I have no input from my muse. It’s problematic.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that my muse isn’t working on the book, there’s a whole lot of world building and character creation going on in my head for the second Blood Witch book.

Because this book takes our heroine to a whole new world we get to create it from the ground up, which is something I love doing. The plot is still developing, but will include Thána emerging into an ongoing war and find her attempting to find her sister amidst the political machinations and physical devastation of this new world.

I also get to play with new races and fun new characters, which is also exciting.

But, for now it’s time for the day job…well, one of them anyway. Happy Friday, Readers!

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