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let’s weekend

Somehow, it’s Friday again. I’m hoping that I get some writing time this weekend and that my muse is willing to play. Recently, when I have the time, I have the time, I have no input from my muse. It’s problematic. Of course, that doesn’t mean that my muse isn’t working on the book, there’s

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build me a world and let me play

The Blood Witch is off with my first agent query, as of last week. I’m nervous and terrified and very excited. I am so very pleased with this book and these characters and I can only hope that someone out there likes the story enough to represent me and get me a good book deal.

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sleep, glorious sleep…or lack thereof

For most of my adult life I have had bouts of insomnia.  There are just times when my body isn’t tired or my brain won’t turn off.  They used to be nights of no sleep.  Lately, they have been nights of sleeping super hard and deep for two to three hours, then waking up and

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