new beginnings

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While Samhain ends the Celtic year and the new one begins, it doesn’t always feel like anything particularly new is happening as November dawns, particularly here in a modern world, where life no longer revolves around the growing seasons. This year, however…this year feels different.

I’m not just talking about an election, which to be fair I am quite happy about. The year 2020 began with me wrapping up work on my next book, and starting the arduous process of finding an agent/publisher.

Writing the book is the easy part.

I suck at self promotion and suffer some serious imposter syndrome at times. But I took the chance and started querying agents. And here, I stress started. I created a list of agents/agencies. I wrote my synopsis. I wrote my blurb. I sent a query. One.

And then I chickened out.

Instead of continuing that work, I started working on the next book. Like I said, writing is the easy part. But Friday morning, while I was working and refreshing election results, that agency sent me an email requesting my manuscript and synopsis. On top of the election results, I really felt like this weekend was the dawn of the new year.

Do we have a lot of work to do (on both counts), yes, we do. We have had four years where progress has been torn down and our nation cut open to display it’s rotten innards, and heavens know that getting an agent to read your book is only the beginning of seeing that book come to be.

We’ve taken a step into a new us, but the work is still to come.

Cover Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

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