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the mirror

On January 6, 2021 the United States of America came under attack. This attack did not come from some foreign enemy. This attack did not come from radical Islam. This attack did not come from “antifa”. This attack was perpetrated by our own homegrown, right-wing, “Christian” radicals. This attack was enabled by law enforcement. This

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all I want for Christmas

I live a pretty charmed life. I have everything I need. I have most things I want. Like everyone, I struggle a little from time to time, but it always works itself out. Even in this year of darkness. I won’t lie, things are pretty dark in this country right now. We have an administration

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new beginnings

While Samhain ends the Celtic year and the new one begins, it doesn’t always feel like anything particularly new is happening as November dawns, particularly here in a modern world, where life no longer revolves around the growing seasons. This year, however…this year feels different. I’m not just talking about an election, which to be

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