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safe, loved and informed

The days blur, one into another, just as much now that I have a lot of work to do as they did when I had none. They all begin the same, up at five am…ish, coffee and a brief read through of social media, then laptop booted up. That is where I stay for between

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just promise me no zombies

With allergy season in full swing here in Northern California, it can be hard to convince folks that I’m not “sick” and that it is “just allergies”. My eyes are constantly itching and watering. I’m so congested and my sinuses so swollen that my face is puffy. And to make the whole trifecta, there is

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keep your hands to yourself

It’s a scary time out there, Readers, and I hope that you are all alright and taking good care of yourselves and your family.  As someone with a mother in her 70s with compromised lungs who lives with people in the service industry, it’s kind of terrifying. Everyday I worry that my brother or his

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