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Sometimes I think that the Mondays that follow productive weekends are harder than the ones that follow lazy weekends. We’re heading into the time of year when I have little time for lazy.  There are obligations and volunteer duties, family time and other crazy stuff. I have volunteered with San Francisco Pride for better than

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happy Wednesday

Wednesdays are hard, aren’t they?  It’s all hands on deck to push this week up over that hump and we’re already tired from Monday and Tuesday, so it feels like twice as much work. Today, in San Francisco, the air is wet.  It isn’t exactly raining, but the fog lies low and it feels like

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where the edit starts

It is always a weird transition for me, going from the writing/self-editing phase into working through the edits suggested by someone other than me who has read the manuscript.  I genuinely love the notes that show confusion, because they give me a chance to see the story from a different perspective. Obviously the passage made

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