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snow and ice

As big swaths of our country are enveloped in snow and ice, with places struggling with the freezing cold that don’t generally have to worry about it, it could be a wake up call about climate change. I have serious doubts it will have that effect however. The willful ignorance in this country, even with

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stay the hell at home

I was going to start this post with some trite comment about surviving another week in this apocalyptic hell, but realized almost immediately that not everybody has survived.  So many people I know has lost someone in the last few weeks, or has a loved one in the hospital that they can’t visit.  Nearly everyone

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the earth awakens

Hey there, Readers!  I hope this Easter Sunday finds you well and in good spirits.  I haven’t celebrated Easter in over 20 years, but I have many friends and family who still do.  I have a complicated relationship with Easter, to be honest. Living alone, as I do, and not having kids around has done

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