it’s been a hell of a week


My week started with a phone call from my mother on Sunday in the early morning hours.  My step father had a heart attack and since then we’ve been living in the waiting room of the CICU unit, getting pulled back and forth between hope and despair.

This means most of life is on hold, including writing, editing, and the job that pays the bills.

I have something brewing as a tribute to the man, but it doesn’t feel right to even start writing it while he’s still alive.  We’re stuck waiting in a limbo of emotional extremes.

So, I may continue to be scarce for a while.

2 comments on “it’s been a hell of a week”

  1. Hi Natalie. SO sorry to hear about your step dad. I’ll keep positive thoughts for a peaceful and positive outcome. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your mom through all this. I’ve been there, done that, and it’s incredibly stressful. Not the kind of call you ever want to get.


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