Tag: life and death

put a little love in your heart

My faith in humanity has been sorely damaged in 2020. I try to believe that people are inherently good, that for the most part we would all do what we can to spare others pain, illness or death. Here lately though, I’m finding it hard to hold on to that belief. For the last twenty

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the sanctity of samhain

This time of year, as the air begins to cool enough for mornings to need socks and the darkness seems to deepen so that the nights are black and still, a sense of peace starts to settle over me. As I shuffle tarot cards for folks who seek guidance and wisdom or light candles on

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once there was a man named Bob

My stepfather died on Friday at a few minutes after 2pm, more than two hours after we pulled the life support. When I first met Robert Flory twenty-one years ago, I was not his biggest fan, I’ll admit.  I thought he wasn’t good enough for my mother, I thought he was a gruff old man,

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