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the elusive nature of unconditional love

Back in the day when I was an evangelical Christian (yes, really), I  spoke a lot about unconditional love.  I believed that I acted inside that love.  I believed that I understood what unconditional love really was. The truth is, I was clueless. It took a lot of changes in my life to realize that. 

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wedded bliss

All around me people are planning weddings.  I must know at least twelve couples getting married this year.  I’m happy for them, if that is what they truly want in their lives.  Love is, after all, a wondrous thing. For myself, however, I can love freely without needing to be defined as a half of

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once there was a man named Bob

My stepfather died on Friday at a few minutes after 2pm, more than two hours after we pulled the life support. When I first met Robert Flory twenty-one years ago, I was not his biggest fan, I’ll admit.  I thought he wasn’t good enough for my mother, I thought he was a gruff old man,

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