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when words flow like water

There is a particular spot when writing a book, at least for me, when I’ve found the path, and the plot is clear and my characters are feeling very chatty, and it just flows out of my fingers and into the keyboard. I’ve recently hit that point with the second Blood Witch book. The problem

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getting girly

I am, most definitively, a woman.  I have never been a “girly” woman.  The most girly I get is the treat of having someone else color my hair for me, and even then, I have a pretty straightforward cut that is easy to style (or not) to keep it all pretty low maintenance. I am,

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cabin fever

About this time of year, I start to itch for travel.  I want a weekend away, or a road trip or an adventure. It’s the same every year.  The middle of February brings with it a need to do something, anything, as long as it is away from here. For a lot of years, I

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