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welcome to the future

Do you remember when 2021 seemed like the distant future, impossible to fathom as anything than other a dystopian post-apocalyptic world filled with robber barons and highwaymen? And yet, here we are. Then again, 2020 was something of an apocalypse and the world is lilting ever more toward dystopia. In the enduring words of the

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to boldly go…

Among my earliest memories, there is Star Trek, you know, the original series that started the phenomenon.  I couldn’t tell you how old I was, but I can tell you about the ugly brown couch with the weird texture that we sat on to watch it, and that I watched it with my father. I

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where no one has gone before

I recently discovered that Star Trek: The Next Generation is on Netflix.  This fills me with a ridiculous amount of glee.  I have been watching it every evening this week, starting right from the beginning. Star Trek is a part of my DNA.  Some of my earliest tangible memories are around watching the original series

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