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inspire me

So, where do the stories come from? What makes a good story? Or…what makes a story good? As with all art, it is up to the Reader to decide whether a story is good or not, and for many they can’t tell you why they feel that way. Some of us like to read dark,

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from a certain point of view

As a reader, one of the things that can kick me out of a story or make me put a book down is what I call “point of view slips”. You know, you’re reading along in one point of view and there’s that random sentence/paragraph that is written in a completely different point of view.

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writing time

It’s early on a Saturday morning and I am up, showered and dressed (for some value of dressed anyway).  There is coffee sending up steam and the aroma of goodness on the desk next to me, most of my house is clean and I have a weekend stretched out in front of me. Today I

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