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Tomorrow is the big day. Election day. We’ve seen record breaking turn outs to early voting and absentee/mail in voting, but that is no reason to get complacent. It is our duty, as American citizens, and in a time like ours not one of us can take that duty lightly. This election cycle is more

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For Pagans, Samhain (Halloween) is often considered our “new year”. It is a time of reflection and remembrance, and a time to look forward to what the new year might bring us. It seems fitting then that what follows Samhain is an election…an election that will decide the course of our country for the next

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I voted!

(This Wednesday post on Tuesday is brought to you by Election Day) It was a wonderful thing waking up this morning to see all of the “I voted” stickers on my Facebook feed.  I always vote by mail, in part due to my agoraphobia, so my ballot went out well over a week ago. Mid-term

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