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…for the love of words…

I love words. I love long words, short words, weird words. I love unusual words and common words. I love combinations of words that absolutely, perfectly describe something or someone. I love twisting words around until they come out just right. I’ve been drawn to words and how we use them to communicate since I

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words and witchery

This week I finished the zero draft of The Blood Witch!  It is currently in the hands of my first beta reader. No matter how many times I finish writing a book, it always comes with a thrill of accomplishment. This book was born two years ago while at Sirens.  The main character, Thána Alizon,

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an exciting day

Today is an exciting day.  Why, you ask?  Because today is the day I finally submitted Where Shadows Fall to my publisher! That means that very soon there will be talk about book covers and the like.  Then I’ll be able to start teasing publishing dates, maybe even open up pre-orders! It’s been a long

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