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not your mama’s fairy tales

One of the projects I’m working on right now is the assembly and edit of an (as yet unnamed) anthology of short stories from fellow Creativia authors that all stem from the same prompt. It amazes me how so many authors can begin in the same place and take such divergent paths to weave together

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donations, community, partners

Sometimes I think that the Mondays that follow productive weekends are harder than the ones that follow lazy weekends. We’re heading into the time of year when I have little time for lazy.  There are obligations and volunteer duties, family time and other crazy stuff. I have volunteered with San Francisco Pride for better than

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gregarious green

There’s something about going green…I mean, it’s not like it’s strange these days to see people with wild colors in their hair.  On a daily basis I see blues and pinks and purples in a variety of shades and styles.  But green isn’t as common. I’ve always loved the color, from a faded mint to

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