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early morning in the office

I’m the first one in the office a lot of days.  Today is no different.  I’m the only one here, at least for a little bit longer.  Outside the window, the sun is bright and blinding when the scattered clouds aren’t hiding it.  The alarm system on the door was tripped before I got here,

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the first harvest

It’s hard to fathom that we are here at the first of August.  For those who follow various Pagan religions, today is the First Harvest, known by various names in various traditions, with different ways of marking the holiday. Despite their differences, most of them are ways of celebrating the first fruits of the planting

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coffee in a paper cup

Today began with dropping my favorite coffee mug (well, one of them, in this case the one I keep in the office) on the floor in the office kitchen and smashing it into about five pieces.  Smashing, no? I shook it off and got some coffee started and set out to dig through my email. 

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