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be the future

I love my weekend mornings.  They start with coffee and words.  It’s my time to write, or in some cases, edit.  The first few hours of the day are peaceful and quiet and I get to step out of the world I live in to inhabit some place filled with magic…well, mayhem as well.  What

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happy Wednesday

Wednesdays are hard, aren’t they?  It’s all hands on deck to push this week up over that hump and we’re already tired from Monday and Tuesday, so it feels like twice as much work. Today, in San Francisco, the air is wet.  It isn’t exactly raining, but the fog lies low and it feels like

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on the need for coffee

I’m a big coffee drinker.  I like mine dark and fairly strong.  And yes, I freely admit my caffeine addiction.  A day without coffee is a day without sunshine. As I have many friends who are also authors, it is fairly routine for us to get into conversations where we imagine ourselves in the worlds

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