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it’s okay…to not be okay

Earlier this week, I was feeling great about the possibilities of getting a job offer today.  Late yesterday I got an email saying that, like the last three jobs I felt sure I was going to get, the job has gone on hold while the company re-evaluates what they genuinely need. To some degree, I’m

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poetry for quarantined souls

Earlier this week, I pulled a few of my poems out to share with the world via a Facebook live video.  I was crazy nervous, but in times like this it falls to the artistic people to keep the hopes of the people up, so I bit the bullet and did it. I thought that

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sheltering in place (and Forever in audio)

I feel like there should be something witty or comforting to say right now, but the world around us is falling to pieces, people can’t work, can’t make money and the bills still come.  All around me people who work in stores and salons and theaters are filing unemployment claims to try to scrape by

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